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Be a smarter browser

We've been designing and launching new websites for clients here since 2009. The internet has changed beyond belief in that time.

When we started out the standard way to consume websites was to sit down at a desktop or dig out a laptop and do a bit of "surfing".

Remember when "surfing" was cool?!

In 2017 we live in a completely different world. Mobile has taken over, and if you aren't accessing the "world wide web" (what a quaint term that was) on your latest Android or iOS handset the chances are you're looking at it on a tablet of some sort. The web has changed, and design trends have followed suit. Responsive designs have been with us for years now and continue to evolve. Whether your website is being viewed on a mobile, a tablet or a desktop/laptop the experience should now be equally enjoyable for your visitors.

When we design sites we test them across all the major platforms before releasing them to clients. Only after a design has passed our extensive quality assurance tests on mobile, tablet and desktop is it released to a client.

In the vast majority of occasions the feedback is wonderful. We tweak, refine and fine tune before going live.

Every now and then though we get a curveball respnse. "The site looks weird", "Stuff doesn't look right".

Strange. We investigate. Connect to the client machine to see what they see. And invariably we find them using a browser like Internet Explorer 8 or, and I'm not kidding, even earlier!

Of course we need to design websites that are as "user proof" as possible. We can't expect users to be accessing the internet using the latest greatest versions of browsers at all times, but there has to be *some* responsibility for users to at least make a stab at keeping up.

Internet Explorer is dead. It's been long since replaced by Microsoft Edge which is a terrific browser and that's saying something since IE was, by and large, a bit of a shambles when all said and done.

Today we have some outstanding alternatives of course, and best of all they are all FREE.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and for MAC users Safari are the most popular and they are all excellent with their own unique features, but the main thing, the one thing they ALL do is that they display modern website designs the way they are supposed to be displayed. They make the web look good, they are quick, slick and they are SAFE. Browsers like Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9 simply aren't safe. Anyone using out dated software should know that by now.Stay safe, stay up to date.

And that's before we even start talking about hardware. We've seen users complain of slow performance whilst hitting the web using IE7 on a PC that was bought in 1990. They wonder why things are slow and look strange.

Be sensible. Be smart.If you are using a desktop or a laptop do yourself a favour.

Use a modern browser on a decent machine and you'll find your surfing is an infinitely more enjoyable experience!

  • The service and responsiveness from the team at Big Front Door has been first class. The site has never been down in all the years we've been with the company and all my queries have been answered within 24 hours.
    Brian Wilson - Director, Wilson Smillie Consulting
  • Many thanks for the work you have done designing our new website. You took the time to understand what we wanted and then delivered on time with the minimum of fuss. Our head office is very impressed with our new site and can’t believe it went live so quickly.
    Alan Goldie - Managing Director Sys-Care
  • The big commerce platform integrated really well into google, if we add a new product it sometimes takes as little as a couple of weeks for it to show on the front page of google. We have been recommending BFD and Big Commerce to others and they have all been delighted with the response and quality shown by both the company and the platform.
    Mark Brooks - Managing Director, Wholesale Heaters
  • The service from Big Front Door has been fantastic. They kept us updated the whole way through and we just couldn't be happier with the end result. We'd highly recommend them!
    Victoria Sawers - Alvic Sliding Wardrobes
  • Had a great experience with these guys from concept to launch. Whilst they didn't hang about getting things done, everything was done consultatively and thoroughly.

    They gave full control to me but used their professional knowledge and experience to advise what was best for my business. Would highly recommend these guys to any business or start up like mine. Thanks to Dave and his team for their help.

    Ryan Murrant - Owner, Ryan Murrant Photography
  • The service is professional, friendly and swift with a strong focus on the quality of product produced. I think I have finally found a web designer who not only produces good work, but also cares about my business and helps me to move it along
    David Chalmers - Inspired CVs