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Spectre/Meltdown Update

The press has been awash with reports over the last couple of days about two vulnerabilities that have been found in common computer chips used in billions of computer devices across the globe.

Meltdown and Spectre are the names you will have doubtless seen plastered all over the media and whilst there are no known exploits for these bugs yet, they do represent serious issues to all levels of Intel and Arm processor powered computing, and that unfortunately means web hosting too!

We have been in contact with our own hosting providers to determine the exact scope and impact of these security vulnerabilities. It is our current understanding that we are not vulnerable to the Meltdown (Variant 3) exploit because of our usage of KVM virtualisation on our hosting platform. However, we will still be taking the necessary steps to protect all of our customers from the impact of the Spectre (Variants 1 and 2) exploits.

As soon as the patches necessary to mitigate the vulnerabilities are available and have been verified these will be applied across all our servers. This patch will require servers to be rebooted to take effect but any service outage will be carefully controlled and executed out of core business hours. Downtime should be less than 60 seconds per server. We will provide a further update in due course when we have further information on patch availability.

Big Commerce customers can expect similar actions to be taken on that platform by the Big Commerce engineering team and again we will be in touch if we need to advise of any planned service outages.


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    Mark Brooks - Managing Director, Wholesale Heaters
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    Ryan Murrant - Owner, Ryan Murrant Photography
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    Alan Goldie - Managing Director Sys-Care
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    David Chalmers - Inspired CVs
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