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Mobile Matters.

Why you need to review your website.

The internet has been a modern day phenomenon which has completely changed almost every aspect of human life over the past 20 years.

It's hard to imagine a world without having constant access to information, and the web is continuing to morph and evolve with each passing year.

Back in the nineties we were all comparing scores on "Snake" on our Nokia 5500 phones, but in 2017 our mobiles are "smart phones".

Making actual phone calls from your phone is *so* nineties.

Mobile devices are more powerful than ever and that power is responsible for a seismic change in how the internet is consumed.

2016 was a landmark year which saw worldwide mobile internet consumption overtake that of desktops and laptops for the very first time, with 51.3% of all web pages loaded on mobile devices.

That figure, reported by The Telegraph is an astounding rise when you consider that in 2010 just 5% of traffic was consumed on mobile, and even as recently as 2013 the figure was just 25%.

It's been a meteoric rise as you can see from the following chart;

So mobile is a massive market, and it's only going one way.

Why does this matter to you? You already have a nice website and it sort of mostly works on mobile so all good right? Wrong.

In 2015 Google started to rank sites on mobile search according to "mobile friendliness". Simply put, if your website passed the Google "Mobile Compatibility Test" it got pushed higher up the search rankings than competitor sites which failed the test. It makes sense when you think it through logically. If you are searching for a term on Google on your mobile, you want to get a website that works properly on your device.

In 2016 the search giant went even further, increasing the ranking signal on mobile search. In essence if your site isn't mobile friendly you're incredibly unlikely to get any sort of search engine ranking at all on mobile search, so you could be waving goodbye to over 50% of your market before you've even started.

So how can you tell if this affects you and your site?

Thankfully there is a very simple test for you to perform. It takes just a minute or so to run and it will give you a full rundown on whether your current website passes or fails the test;

Click Here To Take The Test

The results might surprise you.

If your site passes the test with a code green then congratulations, you are serving your target market with a mobile friendly website.

If you have a code red then it's time to talk to a web design agency about revamping your site and moving it onto a responsive framework as soon as practically possible.

This isn't a sales pitch. It's very real and you could be missing out on over HALF your potential market if you ignore it.

All Big Front Door designs are fully responsive, which simply means the site works as well on mobile as it does on tablet, latop or desktop. The site automatically adjusts to the screen size on which it is being viewed.

It's amazing technology and it's included in ALL our designs. See for yourself by loading our own site on your mobile, desktop and tablet and see how it adapts.

Don't let 50% of your potential customers pass you by.

If your current website is failing the test give us a call on 0141 255 2530 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's start fixing it!

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    Ryan Murrant - Owner, Ryan Murrant Photography