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Security Ends With an S

Secure browsing used to be that thing your bank did. You saw the padlock when logging in to your bank and you felt re-assured.

Then we started looking for it whenever we were buying something online. Personally I'd NEVER post my credit card details to any website that didn't have the re-assuring padlock in the browser bar and I'd hope that goes for all our friends and clients out there too. Always double check. The padlock is there to protect you and to encrypt the information you are sending to the receiving party.

Traditionally that's where SSL has started and ended. Banks, payments, transactions, logins, high security, all that sort of stuff.

Enter Google stage left. They are massively passionate about making the internet safer and believe that the future of the web is to encrypt EVERYTHING and that means YOUR website too.

2017 will be the year of Secure Browsing and it's started with the Google Chrome Browser.

Version 56 of the popular Google browser now explicity warns users when a site isn't secure. A little "Not Secure" warning will appear in the address bar, a potentially off putting message to give to your potential customers.

This of course is only the start. SSL has always had a little weight in establishing your SEO ranking on Google. It stands to reason now that the weight will slowly increase in a bid to encourage more website owners to adopt SSL as standard.

The good news for our customers is that starting today, thanks to our partners at Cloudflare, Plesk and Let's Encrypt all our hosting plans include FREE SEO Friendly SSL encryption. Look up to your browser bar and you will see that our own website is already fully SSL encrypted. We will be providing this to all new site designs as standard and also working our way back through our hosting catalogue to ensure that wherever possible our customer websites default to being encrypted.

Of course our Big Commerce customers already enjoy SSL protection via our GeoTrust certificates which remains unchanged, but our self hosted infrastructure is now fully protected.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more or if you'd like to accelerate getting your BFD website encrypted.


  • Had a great experience with these guys from concept to launch. Whilst they didn't hang about getting things done, everything was done consultatively and thoroughly.

    They gave full control to me but used their professional knowledge and experience to advise what was best for my business. Would highly recommend these guys to any business or start up like mine. Thanks to Dave and his team for their help.

    Ryan Murrant - Owner, Ryan Murrant Photography
  • The service from Big Front Door has been fantastic. They kept us updated the whole way through and we just couldn't be happier with the end result. We'd highly recommend them!
    Victoria Sawers - Alvic Sliding Wardrobes
  • Many thanks for the work you have done designing our new website. You took the time to understand what we wanted and then delivered on time with the minimum of fuss. Our head office is very impressed with our new site and can’t believe it went live so quickly.
    Alan Goldie - Managing Director Sys-Care
  • The service and responsiveness from the team at Big Front Door has been first class. The site has never been down in all the years we've been with the company and all my queries have been answered within 24 hours.
    Brian Wilson - Director, Wilson Smillie Consulting
  • The service is professional, friendly and swift with a strong focus on the quality of product produced. I think I have finally found a web designer who not only produces good work, but also cares about my business and helps me to move it along
    David Chalmers - Inspired CVs
  • The big commerce platform integrated really well into google, if we add a new product it sometimes takes as little as a couple of weeks for it to show on the front page of google. We have been recommending BFD and Big Commerce to others and they have all been delighted with the response and quality shown by both the company and the platform.
    Mark Brooks - Managing Director, Wholesale Heaters